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A quick overview of asdia – Recruiting 4.0

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asdia is an innovative and reliable service provider in the field of recruitment and your partner for active sourcing and direct approach.

Active sourcing is an demanding way of recruitment that requires a high level of experience and excellent knowledge of the new technologies. Potential candidates are seldom ones that actively seek alternative employment. The process is therefore often a lengthy one. Research of, contact with and continuous flow of information to the candidate are key to a successful search for a new member of a team. Successful recruitment consists of a multitude of single steps and can only be successful in the longrun when based on sound knowledge.

The recruitment market has undergone some major changes in the past couple of years. Nowadays companies approach potential employees. The latter want to be actively sourced. And we at asdia are happy to offer you professional support in the areas of recruitment, active sourcing, social media recruiting and direct approach, as well as compiling and maintaining a talent pool. In short – we help you find and win new employees.

„Active sourcing means we contact potential candidates via social media channels, putting emphasis on high regard and personal approach of the candidates.“
Kerstin Schurig
„The success in modern recruitment in essence means communicating the right way: concrete statements, an indepth knowledge of the vacancy and regular feedback are essential.“
Beate Fahrbach
„Filling vacancies timeously with the right people is existential for a company. We support candidates and companies by way of innovative processes coupled with experience at a fair price.“
Roger Fahrbach

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Our recruitment process consists of four modules. These can be separately booked or given to asdia as a complete recruitment project.

Our Clients

We operate mainly in the health sector, hospitals, medical technology, pharmaceutics,
biotechnology, technology and in the development of start ups and SME’s.

We have been operating in the recruitment sector for more than 20 years and support companies with innovative and transparent processes. From the word go asdia uses the fastest, most effective and least costly means to find candidates: the internet. asdia’s huge network in the health sector i.e clinics, medical technology, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, technology and in the start-up and SME realm makes asdia the ideal partner for companies in these fields.

… more than recruiting

Why asdia?

We use
new media
for our

As in any digital profession the tools and how they are used determine the success. Active sourcing mainly employs algorithmic search engines and has done away with keyword searches. The latest search interfaces (e.g. at Google, Linkedin, XING) use complex semantic algorithms. The asdia Team’s strength lies in its vast knowledge and continuous development. asdia uses modern technology alongside classical methods of sourcing such as telephonic identification and direct approach, thus combining on- and offline search methods.

We at asdia put emphasis on one managing partner handling your project from start to finish to ensure information is not lost. The experience of our team helps asdia maximise the resonance from contacting exciting prospects. We at asdia are ultimately the first representation of a company coming into contact with a possible new employee. This requires the right feel in building trust and drawing interest.

Know How developed
over many years

fast result

employment of modern technologies and networks

transparency and reliability

high quality

class instead of mass

fair and modular pricing

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